About Us

The Tinsmith’s Wife is simply a dream materialized. We have designed and planned the shop to be a gathering spot for those who love fine yarns, patterns, needlepoint canvases, cross stitch and other needlecraft and want to be inspired to create. Whether you live in Comfort or farther afield, there is a spot with your name on it at the shop and a warm cup of tea next to you.

I am Wendy, and I have the joy of being the owner of The Tinsmith’s Wife.  Susan (or  Mom) is the Manager of the shop and our primary buyer. She is able to turn her great shopping skills to awesome use for everyone by finding the very best of what is out there (and then a bit more).  The true heart of the shop is my Dad, Bill.   If you have been to the shop, you have probably already figured this out.   Dad is simply invaluable as he does a tremendous job sharing his gifts of fixing errors, finishing our projects, and generally being the nicest man in the world – and on top of all that his knitting, needlepoint, and general disposition is way better than mine.


Great picture of Dad and Mom above looking super cute!

Our shop family also includes a posse of wonderful cats – Noro, Laurel, R. Fenton, Andy and Miranda.  We believe these furry additions add extra bit of warmth to the shop.

In summary, we are delighted to welcome you to our family!